Berkeley Springs
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Warning! This post contains racy contentWarning! This article contains material of a somewhat racier nature than normal!

Recently back home after her stay in the luxury Swiss chalet, with her best friend, Jordan, and her husband, Miguel, Amber had an idea for a wild weekend of her own, with some of her other, unmarried friends.

A return trip to Switzerland was out of the question for Amber and Travis, so they looked closer to home, and found something that certainly resembled a Swiss chalet, although this chalet was in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia.

Unlike the Swiss trip, however, Amber planned this to be a wild weekend – lots of swinging parties, and more.

So, they packed up the few things they would need, including swimwear (for the hot tub), a few other things for the weekend, and not much else, to be honest – the food and drink they picked up en route.

Of course, they took some mix CDs with them to get the party going, and as usual, they’d like you to choose and vote for your favourite too:

Bring A Bottle

Fried Platypus Platter

If It Takes All Night

Seductive Groove

Watch Dog

Berkeley Springs Vacation Rental - Master BedroomThey were the first to arrive at the chalet, as they wanted to make sure they got the master bedroom (with the best bed and their own private bathroom).

They were half way through unloading their car when their other friends arrived, more or less all at the same time – Savannah and Kenny, Jo-Dee and Hank, Madison and Dwayne, and last, but not least, Brooke and Jeb.

Berkeley Springs Vacation Rental - Living RoomAfter the obligatory greetings, and hugs all round, they all piled inside and flopped down in the living room, keen to catch up on how everybody was, as the five girls had not met up since they left college, even though they’d kept in touch regularly.

Berkeley Springs Vacation Rental - Screened PorchThe boyfriends wandered off, not interested in all the girl talk, and especially not wanting to hear the inevitable discussion about the many other boyfriends these fun-loving young women had had before hooking up with them, and they soon found their way to the screened porch, home of the tiki bar.

The beer started flowing, and by the time the girls found their men again, they were already a few drinks ahead, much to the girls’ displeasure.

Berkeley Springs Vacation Rental - KitchenMaking up for lost time, they quickly downed a few shots, and it wasn’t long before everybody ended up somewhat drunk, particularly as nobody had eaten yet.

None of them were in any fit state even to warm up a meal in the microwave, never mind do any real cooking, so they snacked on chips and cookies as the alcohol continued to flow freely.

Berkeley Springs Vacation Rental - Master BathroomIt was gone midnight before they all staggered off to their bedrooms, and although Amber would have loved to go for a quick soak in their private Jacuzzi with Travis, they were too tired by now, and that, combined with the effects of all those drinks, meant the best they could do was collapse on the bed, barely able even to undress before falling asleep in each other’s arms.

Berkeley Springs Vacation Rental - Bedroom #2Next door, however, in the second master bedroom, it was a different story, as Savannah and Kenny had somehow mustered enough energy to indulge themselves in some under-the-covers fun.

Berkeley Springs Vacation Rental - Retro BedroomThe only other room with a king-sized bed, the Retro Bedroom, was occupied by Jo-Dee and Hank, but the benefits of this massive bed were lost on this couple, who, like Amber and Travis, were worn out (and drunk, of course).

Sadly, both Madison and Dwayne, and Brooke and Jeb, had to make do with twim rooms – the former in the Organic Leaf Bedroom, and the latter in the Songbird Bedroom.

Berkeley Springs Vacation Rental - Organic Leaf Bedroom Berkeley Springs Vacation Rental - Songbird Bedroom
Organic Leaf Bedroom Songbird Bedroom

Not wanting to waste the first of their two nights in this chalet, both couples decided that, however cramped it may be, one small bed was better than sleeping in separate beds, so they cozied up, and the enforced closeness soon led to some very intimate pre-sleep activities.

Berkeley Springs Vacation Rental - View From DeckMorning came all too soon, for all of them, but they made their way out to the deck, in the vain hope that some fresh morning air would wake them up and blast the cobwebs out of their heads.

Berkeley Springs Vacation Rental - Fire PitThe girls managed to rustle up some much-needed breakfast – nothing fancy, of course – while the boys lounged around on the settee, outdoors, taking in the beautiful scenery.

Berkeley Springs Vacation Rental - Hiking TrailOnce they’d eaten, they went for a walk, continuing the conversations from the previous evening – a mixture of girl talk, jobs, sports, goals and dreams, as well as plans for the last of their two nights at the chalet.

Berkeley Springs Vacation Rental - DrivewayAfter their walk through the grounds, they realised they’d need more alcohol for tonight – a lot more – so Jo-Dee and Hank offered to drive into town to pick up more supplies.

Berkeley Springs Vacation Rental - Games RoomMeantime, the other four couples decided to have some fun in the games room, with the boys challenging the girls to a game of table tennis.

It was a closer score than the boys would have liked, but their egos were saved nonetheless.

Berkeley Springs Vacation Rental - Dining AreaBy the time Jo-Dee and Hank returned from town, it was already time for lunch, and after much badgering, the boys agreed to make the food, not that it took long to whip up a few sandwiches, which they ate in the chalet‘s dining area.

It was far from being a gourmet meal, but it filled a hole, and, washed down with some cold beers, they felt more human again.

Berkeley Springs Vacation Rental - Rec RoomIn the afternoon, they went to the rec room to watch some TV, as they continued knocking back the cold ones.

By mid-afternoon, most of them returned to their bedrooms for a “lie down” before their evening meal, leaving just Amber and Travis in the rec room, by themselves.

In a rare display of restraint, Amber was probably the most sober – for now, as she was saving it all for the evening when things would get wild (or so she hoped).

Travis just wanted to doss down on the settee, but Amber had other plans – it was a large and comfy sofa, with plenty of room for two, if you know what we mean, and as he took the not so subtle hint, he was soon stirred into action and up for the job in hand.

Berkeley Springs Vacation Rental - Sky Chair, Grill & Hot TubAfternoon turned to evening, as they all met up on the patio for their main celebratory reunion meal – a BBQ on the grill.

Again, it was nothing fancy – burgers and grilled chicken, all washed down with some cheap sparkling wine they’d found in town (champagne was not only too expensive, but it would have been wasted on them anyway.)

As they joked around, after finishing their basic but tasty meal, they decided to go for a soak in the hot tub – after all, it was a really warm evening.

Hot Tub PartyIt wasn’t a massive tub, by any stretch of the imagination, but somehow, they all managed to fit in, although it was hard to tell who was sitting on who’s knees, and they were all playing footsie with everybody else.

The drinks were still flowing, and when she judged the time was right, Amber suggested a game of Truth Or Dare.

And that’s when things started to get wild – just the way Amber had planned.

With more calls for Dare than Truth, it wasn’t long before there was a pile of swimwear lying on the patio floor, by the hot tub, but nobody cared because they were all having a lot of fun, fuelled, of course, by excessive amounts of alcohol.

The girls were daring their boyfriends to kiss another girl, and see just how far they’d go, in some sort of loyalty test (which they all failed, to a man), while the boys were daring the girls to kiss each other, in that stereotypical male fantasy.

As the night wore on, and the party was really swinging, couple after couple returned to their room, not even stopping to collect what few clothes they’d brought down to the patio with them – and they weren’t necessarily the same pairings that had arrived together just one day ago.

Amber & Travis In The Hot TubFinally, the only couple left in the hot tub were Amber and Travis who, somehow, had managed to remain together.

Having a particular fondness for aquatic activities, and their minds drifting back to that recent vacation in Switzerland, they re-enacted that passion-filled night – again and again – in the steamy warmth of the hot tub, their only cover being the star-filled night.

Amber was beside herself with joy – the weekend had gone just as she’d hoped, she’d met up with college friends and their hunky men, they’d had a good laugh, and they’d more than shed their inhibitions in the hot tub…

Well, we’re sure you’ll be glad to know that all five couples made it safely home again, with their original partners, of course, and rumour has it that they’re planning another similar get-together in the not too distant future, so watch this space!

Click here to read more about the Berkeley Springs chalet, and how you too can book it for a weekend away (or longer, if you can take it)…

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7 Responses to ““Berkeley Springs”

  1. Jasmine Holley says:

    Wow, what a story I could feel myself blushing as I read it. The Chalet looks beautiful and I have to admit the hot tub looked fun too. What a steamy story and an impressive place to party.

  2. Katie Richins says:

    After reading this story I had to get a glass of cold water and step outside to get some fresh air, because this story was so hot. I love the Chalet they stayed in – wonder if there will be more of these wild parties. I think my boyfriend might be up for this kind of a weekend. :-)

  3. Peggy says:

    What a weekend! When I started reading this post I didn’t think it would be so hot, but wow it really blew me away. However in a beautiful Chalet like that and with the right friends anything is possible. Great Post and great party idea.

  4. I am ready to jump in a plane and get there. The house and view are amazing.

    Yours In Health!

    Dr. Wendy M. Schauer, D.C., R.K.C.
    Come Experience The Power of the Russian KettleBell Revolution at Kettlebell Olympia – Home of A Better Body With Bells!

  5. Hi Rae and Mark,

    what a fun approach. I think the view looks amazing and the accommodations in the house look fabulous!

    Happy Dating and Relationships,

    April Braswell
    Dating After 40 Expert

  6. Dennis Perry says:

    One of the most fun evenings I have spent in a hot tub (except for those…you know!) was when several couples, all friends, went to a resort together.

    We all got in the hot tub, it was snowing and bitter cold but we had a few bottles of champagne. It was a total blast!

    Dennis Perry
    Create and Live the Life of Your Dreams

  7. Eva Palmer says:

    Are these houses to rent from your website??? I’m lost there…

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