Face To Face Swing
Posted by on 29 Sep 2010 in Swings | 18 comments
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Today, we’re taking a look at something similar to the rocker gliders we showed you a few days ago, except these are more traditional swing seats, and as you can see from the photos, they’re known as face to face swings, for obvious reasons.

We see these swings as being great places to have a relaxing chat with friends, to chill out after a stressful day at the office, to have a family picnic (if you don’t mind holding your plate in your hands), and, of course, for a couple to go for some alone time together.

And they’re suitable for any time of day – they’re perfect regardless of whether you’re one of those people, like us, who like to sit and watch the dawn, or you’re an end-of-day person, preferring dusk and sunset.

If you’d rather sit out in the afternoon, then all of the models shown on this page will shade you from the sun with some form of canopy, whether it’s solid or latticed; the latter will, of course, protect you from most of the sun’s rays while allowing a gentle breeze to blow through and cool you down.

The model we prefer, shown at the top of the page, is called the St. Anthony’s Face-To-Face Swing, and it’s made from mature redwood.

If you’d prefer a swing made from treated pine, then you might want to check out one of these three designs:

Treated Pine Dutchman Face-To-Face Swing Treated Pine Country Classic Face-To-Face Swing Treated Pine Old Homestead Face-To-Face Swing
Treated Pine Dutchman
Face To Face Swing
Treated Pine Country Classic
Face to Face Swing
Treated Pine Old Homestead
Face to Face Swing

If we had to pick one of these three pine models, we’d probably go for the Dutchman swing ourselves – it just looks a little more appealing to us than the others (but we still prefer the redwood St. Anthony’s swing).

In terms of installation, then the good news is that none of these swings require anchors, which means you can put them on any flat surface, whether that be your patio or your lawn.

One factor that may be important to you is the weight these swings will carry – the St. Anthony’s swing has a capacity of 700 lbs, whereas the three treated pine swings can carry 950 lbs.

While these face to face swings and the rocker gliders both let you sit facing each other, the swinging/rocking action is, of course, different – but in either design, it’s still very smooth.

The face-to-face swings, however, don’t come with the small table in the middle, which may or may not be important to you.

Either way, we think any of these items would be great fun – all you need is a nice cup of herbal tea as you sit there, watching the sun rise over the horizon (or maybe an ice tea if you’re a sunset type of person) as you gently swing to and fro. The only problem would be having the willpower to get up from the swing and go to work – unless you work from home, in which case that’s a whole other story.

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18 Responses to ““Face To Face Swing”

  1. Rob Northrup says:

    This is a very cool item and I see that it comes partially assembled. It appears that it wouldn’t be too difficult to put it together.

    Seize the Day,
    Survival Rob

    Is Your Family Prepared For A Financial Crisis or Natural Disaster?

  2. Dennis Perry says:

    I can definitely see me sitting in this swing engaged in pleasant conversation with a nice cup of coffee or glass of wine.

    Create and Live the Life of Your Dreams

  3. Bhavin says:

    Yes, definitely it sets mood of romance, looking into each others eye and just let the time pass.

  4. I know I would enjoy this.

  5. Will Johnson says:

    What I enjoy about your site is that besides showcasing an amazing piece of furniture, you also work in a few tidbits about how to bring a little more romance into your relationship. Cheers.

  6. Don Hill says:

    Great looking swings,
    I like the Treated Pine Dutchman , I could ponder the ways of life in that one.


  7. Hi Rae and Mark,

    What a marvelously romantic face to face swing! I can completely see sitting on one of these in your front or back yard, sipping an ice tea or lemonade to enjoy a cool breeze in the evening with the one you love… or the one you are courting!

    Happy Dating and Relationships,

    April Braswell
    Dating After 40 Expert

  8. I love rockers as they are so soothing to me. This would be a good place to have a relaxing conversation with my hubby.
    Yours In Health!

    Dr. Wendy M. Schauer, D.C., R.K.C.
    Come Experience The Power of the Russian KettleBell Revolution at Kettlebell Olympia – Home of A Better Body With Bells!

  9. Eva Palmer says:

    Great for enjoying a nice cup of tea chatting with friends!

  10. I like the idea of being face-to-face because it makes for interesting conversation. These look like fun.


  11. Greg Anthony says:

    This would be great way to meet someone on perhaps a first date. I really like this swing and I’m sure if we had one, my kids would never get off it.

  12. I don’t think I’ve seen a face to face swing since I was a child.
    Glad to see they’re still making them available.

    The Success Secrets

  13. G.E. Moon II says:

    These are incredible. I’ve never seen the face to face swings in my area. I’ll definitely have to be on the look out for one of these. What a better way to spend some quality time with someone special.

    Yours In Health!

    G.E. Moon II

  14. Katie Arnold says:

    What a novel idea. I love it – I am sure I can get my husband to get one for me. I hope.

  15. Venetia , social worker says:

    I have plans to place a face to face swing on my wedding gift registry with promise to use it, only, to create loving memories….after I meet my husband!! :) Guys love the idea. LOL! I had one as a child and loved it.

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