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Today, we’re going to look at garden arbors, and the first question you’re probably going to ask is, “what is the difference between arbors and pergolas?”

We know – it can be somewhat confusing, especially as both are usually built around some form of trellis affair, so that you can grow climbing plants.

So, here’s the basic difference, although we should warn you – it’s a bit subtle.

An arbor is normally a gateway or passageway, or maybe a spot with a single bench for protection from the elements, and it often indicates a sense of arrival – a bit like a threshold or doorway in a building.

A pergola, on the other hand, is typically a larger space – more like a shelter for a picnic table or on a patio or deck where people can get together in the outdoors.

So, as usual, we have a variety of arbors for you to look at, so that you can get a feel for the different styles, and their possible uses.

Let’s start with the one shown above. This arbor, the Red Cedar Canterbury Arbor, has, as you can see, a gate, and it also has two wings, so that, by the time you let the plants or vines grow all over it, you’ll have a really great-looking and enchanting entrance to your garden.

As we said above, arbors can also be used as passageways – sort of like transitions from one part of your garden to the next.

As such, these are usually simple affairs, and can either be arched, as is the case with the Red Cedar Mayflower Arbor shown to the left, or square, as with the Renoir’s Red Cedar Arbor, shown below, centre and right, in both natural and white colours.

Red Cedar Mayflower Arbor Renoir’s Red Cedar Arbor Renoir’s Red Cedar Arbor (White)
Red Cedar Mayflower Arbor Renoir's Red Cedar Arbor Renoir's Red Cedar Arbor In White

In either case, they are designed to allow plants or vines to climb all over them, although they do offer a very small amount of protection from the elements too.

Treated Pine Springfield ArborFinally, we come to the “fun” arbors, as all of these are designed not only as a trellis on which to grow your plants, but also to hold a swing seat too (although note that the swings on all three of these models are optional extras).

The first one shown, to the left, is the Springfield Arbor, which is made from treated pine.

If you don’t opt for the swing seat (although we’d find that hard to resist ourselves), then you’ll have a generous 62 inch wide archway to walk through.

The exterior width is 72 inches, and the whole structure is 82 inches high.

It comes partially assembled, which of course means that you will need to do some assembly yourself too.

But don’t worry – we’ve looked over the assembly instructions, and the only thing you need to know is that they do recommend that two adults construct this arbor. Other than that, there are just seven fully-described steps to follow, and then you’ll have your own arbor all set up and ready to go.

Treated Pine Imperial ArborMoving on, we have the Imperial Arbor, which is an altogether more grandiose affair and made of treated pine.

It’s a massive 9 feet wide and 6 feet deep, making it large enough to accommodate the optional seat and swing, and you’ll still have room to spare.

Once again, you will need a couple of adults to complete the assembly, but the instructions are very thorough.

Now, if you can’t decide whether you’d like a porch swing or an arbor, then the good news is that you don’t have to – because the Marquis Arbor gives you the best of both worlds (once, as usual, you’ve completed the simply assembly).

Red Cedar Marquis ArborThat’s right, it’s a compact arbor that is cleverly designed to hold a porch swing, right underneath it – it will support not only your plants, but also a swing seat too.

Now, we don’t know about you, but our first thought when we see these intimate little swings, where you can hide away from the rest of the world, is how ideal these arbors are for couples (young or old) in love to get some alone time.

So, while we’re talking about love, we’ll leave you with another poem while you contemplate which of these lovely arbors would best grace your garden:

Keeping quiet about their lovers’ tryst
Eternally unable to resist
Vespertine liaisons every day
It may be hard but they will find a way
Nobody around, off to the arbour
Hidden by plants providing safe harbour
Only the two of them, sitting alone
Giving in to passion they’ve never known
As they hold hands, tightly, and steal a kiss
Nothing could ruin this moment of bliss

© 2010 Mark S. Farrar

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26 Responses to ““Garden Arbors”

  1. Eva Palmer says:

    Hi Mark!
    I would have never imagined that I would have learned so much about pergolas, gazebos, arbors, swimming pool houses,..your bussiness definetly has a solution for every corner of a garden!

  2. Dennis Perry says:

    I really like the arbors shown today. There are several styles and all are quite nice.

    Create The Life of Your Dreams

  3. Alam Ghafoor says:

    Thanks for explaining the difference between arbors and pergolas,even though it’s subtle.

  4. Mark,

    One word you forgot to use to describe these beautiful, graceful arbors – and that is:

    They add elegance to any garden or lawn.

    And besides lovers, for those in social media, I think the one with the swing, especially the Imperial Arbor, would be great place to “get away” when they need quiet “off-time” from the constant tsunami of being connected….

    Social Media and Silence: 3 Important Reasons

  5. Hi Rae and Mark,

    Oh wow, I ADORE garden arbors. I think the ones you offer here are simply gorgeous. I find them so romantic. I want to intertwine flowers in them. They shape and structure a space so beautifully!

    Happy Dating and Relationships,

    April Braswell
    Dating After 40 Expert

  6. I never knew anything about gazebos, pergolas and arbors until now and find it fascinating. I can see how adding these to your yard can massively improve the experience of being outside.


  7. Rob Northrup says:

    We had them build a simple arbor over the gate in our backyard fence when we installed the fence, and it is really nice.

    Seize the Day,
    Survival Rob

    Is Your Family Prepared For A Financial Crisis or Natural Disaster?

  8. Andrew Russell says:

    this looks really cool it reminds me where i use to live we had one i stared out the window at it because it looked so beautiful its really nice

  9. I like the Red Cedar Mayflower Arbor. I can easily see it in my back yard.
    Yours In Health!

    Dr. Wendy M. Schauer, D.C., R.K.C.
    Come Experience The Power of the Russian KettleBell Revolution at Kettlebell Olympia – Home of A Better Body With Bells!

  10. After just replacing the fence in my back yard this structure would have been way more interesting.
    Scott Sylvan Bell
    Now go implement!

  11. Don Hill says:

    I like the Canterbury arbor the best. I t kind of says, “Pass through these gates in to the beautiful garden beyond”.


  12. Ricky says:

    First of all, I would like to thank you for explaining the difference between arbors and pergolas…

    also thanks for letting us know that we can actually decorate our garden as beautifully as our home.

  13. An arbor is a great addition to anyone’s garden.

  14. Hal says:

    I had no idea that this piece was called an arbor. Now that I know I will have to channel my inner Bob Villa and look at putting one in my garden.

  15. Nick says:

    Arbors definitely add a nice touch to the garden, however I’m not sure how well one would work with my yard.

  16. Jordon says:

    A high quality garden arbor adds a beautiful look to any yard or garden. Garden arbors work great with climbing plants and vines like climbing roses or ivy and they offer the perfect match for the gardener who seeks a little whimsy.

  17. Oscar Cruz says:

    My mom ain’t kidding when she said she found her favorite website! She’s obsessed with her garden so you figure that Patio Gazebos HQ is her fave. She was telling me about this same garden arbor yesterday!

  18. Kevin Neive says:

    This site is amazing, I have spent the last 20 minutes reading your posts as well as learning as much as I can about the gazebos, patios, etc. Keep up the good work.

Leave a Reply to Eva Palmer