H Potter Monument Gazebo
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The H. Potter Monument Gazebo is a stunningly simple structure that is also very elegant and aesthetically pleasing.

But that’s what you’d expect from a company such as H. Potter, who have made a name for themselves in the home and garden furnishings market with their unique range of old-style terrariums, gazebos, arbors, etc.

Now, we have to confess that when we first saw this gazebo, we jumped to the conclusion that it was somehow connected with Harry Potter, the famous boy magician created by JK Rowling.

On further examination, it turned out that we were wrong, but that did give us a fantastic idea for one possible use of this beautiful gazebo: as Halloween isn’t far away (as at the time of writing this article): why not hold a Harry Potter themed evening in it?

It’s really not hard to visualise how this might look, if you use the photo above as inspiration – a clear, moonlit night, candles flickering in the evening breeze, magic in the air.

Now, to start with, you would probably all want to dress up in a Harry Potter costume (which are available not just for children, but for adults as well, by the way), perhaps with matching hats, watches, necklaces, rings and/or bracelets.

Shop at the Warner Bros. Harry Potter Online StoreAnd if you really want to take it to the next level, you’ll find all sorts of Harry Potter paraphernalia at the official Warner Bros. Harry Potter online store.

In terms of activities, you could hold a book reading (and have different people read different parts, or if you’d prefer, listen to audio books), watch one of the movies (assuming you have a TV and DVD player you can set up in your gazebo), or maybe play one of the many Harry Potter board games that are now available.

You would obviously want to decorate your gazebo to match your theme, so you’ll be glad to know that various throw pillows, candle holders, wall scrolls, pennants and banners are on offer too.

Now, in terms of food, you probably won’t be able to match the splendid banquets that they eat at Hogwarts, but you can still put on a tasty spread (and drink from Harry Potter pewter mugs, of course).

You can even order personalised Harry Potter items, but don’t forget to leave enough time for the items to be created for you.

Well, we hope that’s given you more ideas on how to have fun with your gazebo, so it’s probably time we told you a bit more about this particular model.

It’s approximately 14 x 14 feet, with an interior dimension of 10 x 12 feet, which means there’s room for a large table and some chairs, for example.

The gazebo is made of galvanised steel with a charcoal brown powder-coated finish, and the 1.5 inch heavy gauge tubing means it’s also very strong.

Buy an H. Potter Monument Gazebo from Carolina RusticaIt comes with six individual box planters, which you can easily remove for easy plant care, and there are a few additional options available as well (e.g. a Sunbrella top and sheer drapes).

There is a 10-year warranty and free shipping (which is certainly valuable, given that this gazebo weighs over 1,000 pounds), but you do need to be aware that the lead time on orders is typically two to four weeks.

However, the wait is well worth it, as the H. Potter Monument Gazebo is the ideal gazebo to grace any garden.

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17 Responses to ““H Potter Monument Gazebo”

  1. Wow, the H Potter inspired gazebo is really LOVELY. I can only imagine the couples who will feel inspired to incorporate it into their nuptials as their wedding huppah!

    Happy Dating and Relationships,

    April Braswell
    Christian Dating Expert and Coach

  2. Andrew says:

    That’s a very interesting gazebo, whether you’re a Potter fan or not!

  3. That is a cool design, reminds me of the tropics and would look great in many backyards.
    Scott Sylvan Bell
    Now go implement!

  4. Rob Northrup says:

    This looks very nice. Your descriptions make me want to investigate further.

    Seize the Day,
    Survival Rob

  5. I like it. Feels like I’m in the South
    Pacific. Who couldn’t relax in this setting.

  6. Shane says:

    I love Gazebos and this one is very beautiful. Get some Gryffindor banners, a couple of cases of Butter Beer and some Quidditch gear out and you’ll be ready. Watch out for Nargles though.
    (Just finished the last Harry Potter book with the kids so I know all this stuff!!)

    Resources For the Independent Film Maker

  7. Alec Grebis says:

    I really liked the photos of this gazebo. Your entire site has a very elegant feel to it.

  8. Don Hill says:

    I really like the looks of the H. Potter gazebo. I can just imagine all sorts of magical moments in there.


  9. Dennis Perry says:

    What a beautiful Gazebo. The idea of a Harry Potter theme party in a gazebo by H. Potter is just too much fun. Great idea!

  10. I love this! But I also love Harry Potter. How fun.

    Sabrina Peterson, NASM CPT, CES
    Corrective Exercise for Every Body

  11. This gazebo is so inviting. The lights make it look magical and relaxing.
    Yours In Health!

    Dr. Wendy M. Schauer, D.C., R.K.C.
    Come Experience The Power of the Russian KettleBell Revolution at Kettlebell Olympia – Home of A Better Body With Bells!

  12. Jordon says:

    Wow!! I am speechless.

    These lights make it look magical and inviting, it’s so beautiful.

  13. Nick says:

    Looks all right but I’m not sure if I like the shape of this one.

  14. Bhavin says:

    This is really looks like a picture from fairy tale or as said a feel of Harry Potter movie. I guess children would love to have dinner out there.

  15. Wow! Very beautiful! I like that!

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