Outdoor Wedding Gazebos – The Perfect Spot For Your Ceremony
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More and more couples are choosing to have outdoor weddings, and where better to do this than in your own garden?

But you don’t just want to stand in the middle of your lawn – you need a focal centrepiece for the ceremony, and this is where the wedding gazebo comes into its own.

Although you may have a vision of a traditional gazebo, weddings in your own back yard don’t have to stick to the tried and tested – you can be as creative as you like!

That means, for example, that you can choose whatever theme you like for your wedding.

Many people would love to go to a tropical island and be married in a beach wedding gazebo, but let’s face it, these types of wedding are not only expensive, for both the couple and all of their family and friends, but it’s a logistical nightmare getting it all arranged and meeting everybody’s various needs.

So, why not bring that tropical beach wedding to your own home?

Here are a few wedding gazebo decorating ideas to get you started.

Let’s begin with a Hawaiian wedding theme. For this, you could strew rose petals all over the floor of the gazebo, hang leis in the windows, and have strings of flowers tied around the edges.

And if you wanted to go the whole hog, why not have the bridesmaids wear hula hula skirts as well?

A similar approach could, of course be used, for any island theme, whether that be Caribbean, South Pacific or wherever.

At the other end of the scale, there is nothing to stop you from turning your gazebo into a private chapel, if you want to take a more traditional approach.

Check out the Cape Code Pergola and Treated Pine Pergolas for more wedding ideas…

Once you’ve decided on your overall theme, and have decorated your wedding gazebo accordingly, you should then consider all of the other elements of your wedding, to preserve the integrity of your chosen theme.

For example, your wedding dress (which doesn’t have to be white, of course), what the guests should wear, floral arrangements, the food, drinks, music, entertainment – all of these can be matched to your theme, whether it’s a Caribbean wedding you want, or maybe something appropriate to a shared interest, such as acting.

In the former case, you might want to go with brightly coloured clothing, a BBQ for the main food, rum punch as the drink, steel drums for music, and if you’re really wild, get your guests to take part in a limbo dancing contest as part of the entertainment (maybe after they’ve had a bit of the rum punch).

On the other hand, if you wanted a wedding themed around acting, then maybe you could decorate your gazebo so that it had a stage sort of look (e.g. a proscenium arch as the entrance), the guests could wear Shakespearean costumes, the food might be a medieval roast, with mead or ale to drink, and for entertainment, maybe a magician who performs as a court jester.

Or why not break the mould and go for an evening wedding, and turn your gazebo into a mini-disco, complete with disco lights, and the whole works – a sort of Saturday Night Fever wedding?

These are, of course, just a few simple ideas to get your own creative juices flowing – your wedding is (or should be) a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so if there is something you really want to make your special day even more special, then go for it!

Buy an Oval Gazebo from Gazebo DepotWhile there are many gazebos that would be perfect for your wedding, the one shown to the left, which is a decorative-looking oval gazebo that offers you a ton of options so that you can customise it to your exact requirements.

It’s made from vinyl, and has kiln dried and pressure treated southern yellow pine,cedar shake shingles and keywest braces.

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19 Responses to ““Outdoor Wedding Gazebos – The Perfect Spot For Your Ceremony”

  1. Rob Northrup says:

    Bridesmaids in hula skirts sounds like a great idea, but I would need pictures to verify…

    Seize the Day,
    Survival Rob

  2. Andrew says:

    Wow! I must live a sheltered life — I don’t think I’ve known anyone who’s had a “theme wedding”. It does sound interesting!

  3. Dennis Perry says:

    We have a wedding coming up next July. I’ll pass this along to my son and future daughter-in-law. I think they can have some fun with this.

  4. Bryan says:

    This is great, my wife and I had one at our wedding and it looked great!

  5. Eva says:

    We don’t have any of those in Spain. Why don’t you export them?

    • Admin says:


      One reason is that many of these gazebos weigh a lot – some are several hundred, or even over 1,000 pounds (which is just under 500 kg).

      The shipping costs would be astronomical.

      Rae & Mark

  6. WOW!

    This looks really cool! I have heard of a wedding like that – but it really sounds interesting!

    You really do give so great ideas! Do you have any photos that you could share of themed weddings?

    Are you making Social Media WORK for you?/

    • Admin says:


      We’ll try to dig some out, and then we can either add them to this article, or, even better, write new articles on this obviously popular topic.

  7. Hi Mark,

    Indeed, this white hexagonal gazebo looks VERY romantic for weddings. I really like the romantic mood it helps to foster.

    Happy Dating and Relationships,

    April Braswell
    Christian Dating Expert and Coach

  8. I love the idea of a themed wedding. The gazebo is beautiful.
    Yours In Health!

    Dr. Wendy M. Schauer, D.C., R.K.C.
    Come Experience The Power of the Russian KettleBell Revolution at Kettlebell Olympia – Home of A Better Body With Bells!

  9. Eva says:

    If I ever get married! I’ll buy one of those!

  10. Sandi Wolske says:

    Finally a worthwhile website that has some good info on it. Keep up the effort you’ve done on the site.

  11. annuaire gratuit says:

    Your post is really wonderful..thanks for posting…your post is very informative.

  12. Ricky says:

    Wow this is so Romantic

    which girl would not want this :)

    this has taken my heart and this is really a wonderful site full of such a good information about Gazebos..
    I m Luving it !!!

  13. Ashley Russell says:

    I would love to be married under one of these.

  14. Bhavin says:

    What could be better than arranging a wedding ceremony such a lovely way where you can even choose your favorite place to get married. I see a picture of wedding couples, feeling proud on family and friends who may arrange and decorate this lovely wedding gazebo for them.

  15. Susan Mitchell says:

    Wow, I can’t believe you posted my review up! That makes me laugh. =] Thanks again for all the help you guys have been providing me and my fiance. We’re counting down until the wedding and we get to use your beautiful gazebo masterpiece! My mom and I just picked out where it will be yesterday. I’m so excited, the pictures will be gorgeous! I think I mentioned to you in my last e-mail that we loved your suggestion of playing up the moonlit starry night thing, so we’ve decided to do a “Catch A Falling Star” theme! An evening wedding that will transcend into night for the reception will fit perfectly into that idea. Your beautiful gazebo will be the perfect setting too! My sister-in-law is already planning decor ideas for it!

    Thanks again, I really couldn’t have done it without you!

    Susan Mitchell

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