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We’re back in DIY mode today, for those of you are budding carpenters.

We’ve already found a great resource for (and lots more) for you, but today, we’re going to focus on just pergola plans.

Now, the one big advantage to building pergolas yourself is that they are much easier and quicker to build than, say, gazebos, which tend to be much more complex structures.

Of course, another reason why people choose to build their own pergolas is cost – you can save thousands of dollars by doing the job yourself (and even hiring a local handyman can work out a lot cheaper).

We just finished building our pergola this weekend and I’m pleased to say that it looks better than my neighbors’ and we built it ourselves for half of what they paid.” (Cindy E., Florida)

And when you have great plans for building pergolas, you can actually build one in less than a day, as Nancy from Memphis and her husband found out:

My husband and I were able to get the plans Friday night and by Saturday evening we were asking friends over to admire our handy work. I was not sure about building anything, but the detailed instructions and plans were my saving grace.” (Nancy W., Tennessee)

You may be concerned about safety, especially if you’ve not built anything like this before.

But don’t worry – the plans tell you everything you need to know, and that includes how to ensure your finished pergola won’t blow away:

We built a 8′x10′ Pergola. Put a 4′ swing in the middle and it looks great. Used 6″x6″ poles cemented into the ground. If there is a big storm coming it will be the safest place to be. Thanks for the great set of plans!!!!” (Charles Jackson)

What’s Included (In Theory)

So, according to the sales page, this is what you get when you buy one of these pergola plans.

Firstly, you get your choice of 14 different pergolas, ranging in size from 8 x 10 ft up to 16 x 16 ft.

The plans included a full materials list, with item numbers listed for both Home Depot and Lowe’s, so there’s no way you can get the wrong parts.

The plans themselves contain step-by-step instructions that are so clear, it doesn’t matter whether you can read a blueprint or not.

You will also receive free picnic table plans as well – after all, you’ll need somewhere to eat some well-deserved food after erecting your pergola.

Now, if you’re worried about being able to build one of these pergolas, then you shouldn’t be, as there’s free technical support if you do have any questions.

And if all else fails, you’re protected by not only an eight-week money-back guarantee, but also, if you actually build your pergola and you don’t save at least 50% by building it yourself, you will get a full refund.

What’s Included (In Practice)

In order to give you the best possible review of this product, we actually bought one of the pergola plans ourselves, and this is what we found.

Firstly, although the plans are priced (individually), at just under $20, if you try to leave the page without buying, we were offered a special deal where you pay just $5 for the plan now, and you have to agree to be billed the remaining $15 in 30 days’ time. This allows you to try out the plans for next to nothing.

Once you’ve paid, you’re taken to the download page, where you are able to download:

  1. The detailed plans for the size of pergola you selected. We went for the largest model, the 16 x 16 ft one, and these plans comprise an introductory page of notes, followed by eight pages of designs/plans.
  2. A 13-page building guide, which is not specific to the size of pergola you chose. This document contains some very basic information about planning permission, which type of materials to use, a list of tools and equipment you’ll need, and then about eight pages of step-by-step instructions, mainly in words, not pictures.
  3. A materials list for each different size of pergola, which means you can download not only the materials list of the one you bought, but for all of the others too.
  4. The plans for the bonus picnic table, which is an eight-page document.
  5. The materials list for the bonus picnic table plans (although this single page is already contained within the plan itself).

After you’ve downloaded all of that, you are presented with three additional “offers”.

Garden Arbour

  1. Plans for the Garden Arbor shown to the right, for $7.00.
  2. The opportunity to request a free project catalogue.
  3. Woodworking4Home, which is exactly the same product that we recommend on our Gazebo Plans article (and which we’d obviously you rather bought from us).


So, the question you’re no doubt asking is, do we recommend these pergola plans?

Well, the plans themselves do look pretty thorough, although we should warn you that we’re not master carpenters ourselves.

However, the list of Home Depot and Lowe’s item numbers promised on the sales page was not present in the plan we purchased, which may or may not be important to you.

If all you want to buy is a single pergola plan, then this product would be fine.

However, if you think you might want to build anything else, whether it’s another pergola or something completely different, then we would have to advise you choose one of the following two options:

  1. Woodworking4Home, which offers a massive 14,000 plans for the current special offer price of just $49.
  2. Buy a book, such as the Ultimate Guide to Gazebos & Other Outdoor Structures, which contains plans for structures such as gazebos, pavilions, arbors and more.
Woodworking4Home Ultimate Guide to Gazebos & Other Outdoor Structures

Finally, if you’re not sure whether a pergola is right for you, then there are also a wide range of other individual plans for different structures at Pergola Plans‘ parent site, Storage Shed Plans.

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15 Responses to ““Pergola Plans”

  1. Eva Palmer says:

    you not only give great ideas about what you can don in your garden but also exceelent tips to make things very affordable ourselves! Thanks!

  2. It’s great to have an alternative for those who want to invest their time or simply don’t have the money to buy something ready made.

  3. Jerry Neilson says:

    Amazing piece of art (which is what it is). I would love to have one in my yard at anytime.

  4. Don Hill says:

    I love a good DIY project. This will give the backyard a sprucing up as well.


  5. these are adorable… however you’ve got to know when to take on a project and KNOW when to just BUY one!

    jen b
    Natural Remedies for Anxiety

  6. Dennis Perry says:

    Kind of makes me want to find my old hammer and brush up on some long lost skills.

    Create and Live the Life of Your Dreams

  7. Hi Rae and Mark,

    What a marvelous resource about pergolas and gazebos you have. This is a marvelous alternative directly to purchasing a pergola. You can truly customize it to what you want and enjoy the thrill and satisfaction of doing it yourself with your own hands for pride of ownership for years to come.

    Happy Dating and Relationships,

    April Braswell
    Dating After 40 Expert

  8. Thanks for including the info about them also having the info about how to safely secure the pergola for high wind environments (Vegas is notorious for the high winds).

    The Success Secrets

  9. Are you finding more of an interest in DIY applications since the downturn in the economy?


  10. Something like this would be perfect for a new patio area we are building. I had no idea there were kits for DIY – I like how much money we could save doing it this way. Thank you for the advice!

    Karen Van Ness

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