Premier Morning Glory Gazebo 16 Foot With Double Roof
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Today, we’re going to take a look at a more traditional-looking gazebo again, the Premier Morning Glory Gazebo 16 Foot With Double Roof.

This Morning Glory gazebo is very simple in appearance, but elegant at the same time.

It features 2 x 2 balusters, both top and bottom, and has a beautiful arched Victorian valance design that frames your view, from the inside.

This gazebo is extremely sturdy, owing to each wall section being constructed with 2 x 6 material, and the aluminium screens fit into grooves at the top and bottom of each wall section, with positive lock latches on each wall side.

The double French doors are made from cedar and have fully adjustable hinges.

Now that we’ve got the boring specification details out of the way, what might you use this particular gazebo for?

Well, you can clearly just sit and enjoy the view, but you don’t need us to state the obvious for you.

So, still on yesterday’s theme of kids, how about using this gazebo as a sort of indoor camping spot?

Those of you who have young children probably already know that getting them to take an afternoon nap (which is normally so that you can get some peace and quiet for a while) is nigh on impossible – after all, which young child wants to go to their room to sleep when they’d rather be outside playing (or inside bugging you)?

Supposing you tell your children, however, that you’re all going on a mini-camping expedition? Do you think that might work a bit better?

So, with that in mind, we’ve found a few items that you could easily locate inside your gazebo that will make their afternoon nap much more fun.

Jungle Safari Play TentTo start with, you’ll need a play tent, such as this charming Jungle Safari Play Tent, complete with entrance tunnel.

The tunnel is made of spring steel with a nylon cover and a padded interior, but there is also a Velcro-closed flap for both easy access and security – after all, as an adult, you probably will be too large to crawl in and out of the tunnel, even if you wanted to.

The tent is made of flame-retardant material, so you know it’s safe, and the floor is made of durable, washable (you know how important that will be!) and water-resistant polyethylene.

The tent part is four feet square, and just under four feet high, while the entrance tunnel is four feet long and just 19 inches in diameter.

Lady Bug Play TentIf you want to provide a bit of variety, from day to day, then another great option would be this Lady Bug Play Tent.

This tent is made by the same company who make the jungle safari tent, Pacific Play Tents, to the same high standards, except this one is a little larger – 51 inches square, instead of 48, a little lower (43 inches instead of 44), but the tunnel is much longer – six feet, not four, although the diameter is still 19 inches.

Both tents are really quick and easy to assemble, and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

So, now that you’ve found something that will entice them in, you’ll need something for them to sleep on, and what better than a range of nap mats?

Dinosaur Nap Mat Jungle Nap Mat Princess Nap Mat
Dinosaur Nap Mat Jungle Nap Mat Princess Nap Mat

These nap mats, by Wildkin, are made of cotton and polyester on the outside, and the attached blankets are lined with 100% comfy cotton flannel and filled with polyester for warmth. You’ll be glad to know, too, that they are machine-washable (in a cold, gentle cycle).

It goes without saying that they, too, conform to U.S. flammability test requirements.

Now, although these nap mats also come with a removable pillow, we have an even better solution for you, to almost guarantee that your little darlings will take their nap – whether they want to or not!

Your first thought may be that these pillows look very cute, and you’d be right:

Giraffe Sleep Aid Pillow Lab Sleep Aid Pillow Lady Bug Sleep Aid Pillow
Giraffe Sleep Aid Pillow Lab Sleep Aid Pillow Lady Bug Sleep Aid Pillow

But they contain a secret ingredient too – lavender.

That’s right, each pillow includes a removable pouch filled with the soft and relaxing scent of lavender, a herb well known for its calming qualities. Your kids will find it hard to resist once they get a few whiffs of the soothing lavender blend in these aroma pillows.

So, once your little ones are fast asleep in their play tents, what will you do?

We recommend lying back in a comfy chair, perhaps reading a good book, while listening to some dreamy music (nothing too loud – you wouldn’t want to wake your kids up too soon, would you?).

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22 Responses to ““Premier Morning Glory Gazebo 16 Foot With Double Roof”

  1. Alam Ghafoor says:

    wow! What a beautiful gazebo,I want one.Too good for the kids, I’ll have to look into the tents you recommend.

  2. Don Hill says:

    I remember camping out in the back yard when I was a kid. Those were the times…
    I really like the Ladybug theme you have going.


  3. Dale Bell says:

    I have to admit I like the gazego. We have a small tent and set it up in our bedroom for when the grandkids come to spend the night. We give them books and a head light to read them with and the go to bed and fall asleep very easy.
    Have a Great Day!

  4. Eva says:

    There are so many other interesting and usefull items in your site. You have rreally thought about everything!

  5. The double roof should provide really good ventilation!
    Leadership is a Choice

  6. Bryan says:

    Very cool once again for our Kids..we make a sale easy.

    Sales Success Expert

  7. Now I like the lady bug play tent. Much more my style.


  8. WOW! I really like the tents and stuff for the kids – can they have fun in the gazebo too!

    Social Media: 7 Reasons People Go Online. And You?

  9. My son has one of those sleep aid pillows that looks like a bumblebee & he loves it.

    The Success Secrets

  10. Hi Mark,

    Wow, this gazebo is simply gorgeous. It looks both so sturdy and delicate. I particularly like the screening it has, to keep those pesky bugs out so you can truly enjoy this beautiful gazebo and all the cooling it provides. The owner of this gazebo would really be able to enjoy their backyard, that outdoor feeling, while simultaneously enjoying the No Bugs! I see sipping ice team and look out across the veranda, myself. How about you?

    Happy Dating and Relationships,

    April Braswell
    After 40 Dating Expert

  11. Dennis Perry says:

    I find it amazing that there are so many different types and styles of gazebos and pergolas. There hasn’t been one yet that I haven’t liked.

    I believe there is gazebo in my future!

    Make your life rich in every way!
    Create The Life of Your Dreams

  12. You have thought of everything. I would have loved to camp out in a gazebo as a kid.

    Yours In Health!

    Dr. Wendy M. Schauer, D.C., R.K.C.
    Come Experience The Power of the Russian KettleBell Revolution at Kettlebell Olympia – Home of A Better Body With Bells!

  13. Absolutely beautiful! This is the type of gazebo we are considering for our back yard (from which to enjoy our lake view). Thanks for showcasing this model.

    Karen Van Ness

  14. Steve marker says:

    This is too good! My kids would definitely love this so much.

  15. Ricky says:

    Wow these can be used at any particular time
    weather it me sunny day or a rainy day

    just so perfect and a great room kind of Gazebo

  16. Ashley Russell says:

    I really like this one – it reminds me of my great grandma that had one that was just like this.

  17. Nick says:

    Wow wow – Double wow’s for the double roof. Simply exquisite!

  18. Bhavin says:

    At first glance, it looks complicated to build or modify this gazebo, but i think it would be easy to expand this double roof Morning Glory gazebo with tunnel connected that children will love to play in.

  19. Brian Austen says:

    What an elegant looking gazebo! I like it very much, plus the idea of taking a nap with my kids made me smile. Too bad they are all adults, I’m not so sure if they’d be down with those kiddie tents. haha!

Leave a Reply to Ashley Russell