Vivaldi Pavilion
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Warning! This post contains racy contentWarning! This article contains material of a somewhat racier nature than normal!

Today, at the express request of Jim, we’re following the antics of Amber, whom we’ve met a couple of times before – she’s Jordan’s best friend, if you remember.

As usual, with these little vignettes, we’ve chosen some music for you, and while you might have thought that Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons” would be an appropriate choice, given that the structure we’re reviewing today is called the Vivaldi Pavilion (and no, we’ve no idea why they chose this name), we have to say that Vivaldi is way too highbrow for our Amber – the only spring she’s familiar with is the bedspring!

So, here is a selection of music for you to listen to (click the Audio MP3 icons, below) that is more in keeping with her character, while you read the rest of our little story (and please feel free to vote for your favourite track too):

Bring Back Love

Carbonic Drum

Here With You

In The Bedroom

Love Doctor

Amber was lying in the bath, having a relaxing soak as her current boyfriend, Travis, was out with the boys tonight, bowling and drinking, and the combination of the warmth and steam, the music she had playing, and the drink she was sipping, took her back to a summer’s day as a teenager – a very special and unforgettable day, in fact…

She was only 16 at the time, and still at school, of course. Her parents were away for a few days, and although they were wary about leaving her by herself (with good cause, as it turned out), they had little choice, owing to a family emergency.

Amber’s boyfriend back then (she’d been dating regularly since she was 13) was called Wade, and in spite of having been explicitly warned by her parents not to bring boys back home, she never had been one for following rules – especially where her own pleasure was concerned.

So, after school one day, she returned home, with Wade in tow, determined to make the most of this singular opportunity.

Rip Curl Romy DressLeaving Wade to rifle through her parent’s drinks cabinet, she quickly dashed upstairs to change into “something more comfortable“, as the saying goes.

It was a beautiful summer’s afternoon, and rather than stay indoors, surrounded by reminders of her somewhat puritanical parents, she decided they’d go down to the bottom of the garden, where a small pavilion had recently been installed (although it looks more like a gazebo).

It wasn’t a large pavilion – around eight feet in diameter – but that suited Amber perfectly, as all she wanted was somewhere small and intimate, so that she and Wade could have a bit of fun together, and the three solid panels provided ideal protection from the nosey neighbours in the house at the back.

They put some music on – not too loud, as they didn’t want any complaints – and started sampling the first of several bottles, some bourbon, that Wade had found.

It was strong, but that didn’t slow them down, as they moved on to regular whisky, and then some vodka.

Needless to say, they weren’t used to such spirits, and they soon became more than a little tipsy.

Wade was, for a baseball player, a little on the shy side (at first), but when Amber slid along the bench to get up close and personal, any inhibitions he may have had melted away instantly.

The two of them soon were interwined, lips pressed together tightly, and Wade’s relative inexperience, compared to Amber (who was no wallflower, even at that age), didn’t hold him back.

It wasn’t long before hands started roving, and Amber’s “comfortable” clothing somehow fell to the floor – thanks to some careful planning and some less than fully tied straps on the already-brief one-piece outfit she was almost wearing.

Wade took his cue, and after some initial trouble in reaching first base, promptly proceeded to demonstrate to Amber another meaning of the phrase “home run”.

She came to, her bath water having got rather chilly, sending shivers down her body (which was yet another reminder of that day, years ago, when Wade had been her first real lover).

She was in the mood now, and hoping that Travis would be home soon…

What will you get up to in your Vivaldi Pavilion?

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11 Responses to ““Vivaldi Pavilion”

  1. Dennis Perry says:

    This is a very nice structure with many potential uses. By the way, I liked all of the songs above. It was too hard to pick a single one. Great choices.

    Dennis Perry
    Create and Live the Life of Your Dreams

  2. I hope that gazebo has anti-splinter protection.

  3. Keisha says:

    What an amazing pavilion I can easily see one of these in my backyard (if I had a big enough backyard). Also wow, what a story, I needed a drink of ice water after reading it. Love the website too.

  4. Eva Palmer says:

    This is such a nice pavillion to gather with best friends or with boyfriend/girlfriend for an intimate dinner!

  5. Very vivid! But all I can think about is the potential of splinters in places that would be impossible to remove!!!

    Sabrina Peterson, NASM CPT, CES
    Corrective Exercise for Every Body

  6. Hi Rae and Mark,

    Which leads to ask another question, are their outdoor furniture pillow options which fit the benches of the Vivaldi Pavilion? We ladies like COMFORT as well. :-)

    Happy Dating and Relationships,

    April Braswell
    Dating After 40 Expert

  7. This pavilion is adorable. Looks like a cozy place to have a picnic.

    Yours In Health!

    Dr. Wendy M. Schauer, D.C., R.K.C.
    Come Experience The Power of the Russian KettleBell Revolution at Kettlebell Olympia – Home of A Better Body With Bells!

  8. Matt Rhyan says:

    The pavilion is great I can easily seeing myself in it sitting with a cold ice tea relaxing on a hot summer day. Hopefully it comes splinter free ;) .

  9. Janelle says:

    I want one of these in my backyard, what an amazing piece of furniture. As for the story I wish when I was 16 years old I would have had a boyfriend like Wade. Sizzling Hot story.

  10. Heather Jackson says:

    I would love to have one of these in my backyard, I can seriously see myself in it every morning sitting with my coffee and enjoying the morning. Great little love story too, very romantic.

  11. Tracy Downer says:

    Very steamy and romantic story, but I think I would also be like this if I were to have one of these amazing pavilions. Sometime the best way to a woman’s heart is by giving her a pavilion.

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