Vixen Hill Gazebos
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Having spent a fair time looking at various styles of pavilion over the past few days and weeks, most of which are for commercial use, it’s time to return to our main theme of gazebos, and today, it’s the turn of a range called Vixen Hill Gazebos.

Vixen Hill have been making products such as gazebos for 30 years or so, and their craftsmanship is second to none.

So, let’s start with a look at the Vixen Hill Traditional Gazebo, shown above.

Like all of the gazebos we feature on this page, it’s hexagonal, and this model is available in three sizes – 9 ft, 12 ft and 15 ft.

With the two larger models, you can choose a single or double roof, but with the smaller size, only the single roof is offered.

Vixen Hill Chalfont GazeboThe roof itself comes in cedar shingles or copper, while you can choose a finish of natural, cedar tone or white for the gazebo itself.

Let’s move on to the Vixen Hill Chalfont Gazebo, show to the right, and which is similar in style to their Traditional model, reviewed above.

The main differences are in the roofing, which is only available in green or red metal, a double roof is not an option with the Chalfont, and there are fewer configuration choices for you to make when you order it.

Other than that, it comes in the same three sizes, with the same range of finishes.

Next, we have the Vixen Hill Rustic Gazebo, and two slightly different versions of this model are shown below:

Vixen Hill Rustic Gazebo Vixen Hill Rustic Gazebo

Again, this is very similar to their Traditional Gazebo – the same range of sizes, roofing materials and finishes, but like the Chalfont Gazebo, there is no option for a double roof.

Vixen Hill Elongated GazeboAnd lastly, we have the Vixen Hill Elongated Gazebo, which is still hexagonal, like the others, but this is the “stretch” model.

This elongated gazebo comes in the following three sizes: 8 x 11 ft, 11 x 15 ft and 14 x 19 ft.

It has many of the same configuration options as the Traditional Gazebo (e.g. roofing material, single or double roof, finish), and it has one additional option that none of the others have – you can have the entrance on the short side or the long side, and with the two larger models, you can have a double entrance, as shown here.

All of these gazebos look really nice and well-made, as you can see from this selection of photos:

Vixen Hill Gazebo Vixen Hill Gazebo Vixen Hill Gazebo
Vixen Hill Gazebo Vixen Hill Gazebo Vixen Hill Gazebo

As you can also see from some of the above photos, you don’t need a particularly large garden either for this range of gazebos.

These gazebos are exactly what gazebos should look like, and we would be more than happy to have one (or two) in our own garden.

If we were looking for a small, personal retreat in our garden, somewhere to chill our and relax, we’d probably go for the Traditional Gazebo, but if we were looking for something a little larger, maybe to do some outdoor entertaining, or even just to eat outdoors on a warm summer’s evening, then the Elongated Gazebo would be a better choice.

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8 Responses to ““Vixen Hill Gazebos”

  1. Dennis Perry says:

    What beautiful structures. I particularly like the picture above showing the structure with lights on.

    I can see me sitting there reading a book as the sun goes down. Very nice.

    Dennis Perry
    Create and Live the Life of Your Dreams

  2. Alisa says:

    What an absolutely amazing structure. This looks like something you would in the Queen of England’s garden. I am married but can see myself renewing my vows in one of those. Awesome, and thank you for the post.

  3. Arianna says:

    Wow! Is all i can say about these amazing little gazebo. It looks like it came straight from a fairy tale. If I had a backyard big enough for it to fit, this gazebo would be there. Maybe I can talk to my hubby about getting one for me for Xmas.

  4. Those are lovely. I’d be inclined to buy from them just because of the name!

    Sabrina Peterson, NASM CPT, CES
    Corrective Exercise for Every Body

  5. Ericca Richards says:

    These are stunning. I really was taken back at how amazing these little gazebos are and could see my daughters getting married under one of these beautiful structures.

  6. Heidi Wheeler says:

    I only gave it a four star rating because I don’t have one in my yard. :) I will need to address this problem with my husband and see if for Christmas he can build or buy me one.

  7. Hi Rae and Mark,

    I think the Vixen Hill gazebo style is one of my favorite styles of gazebos. I can completely envision a small band playing in there or sitting and sipping ice tea or lemonade there in the summertime and autumn.

    Happy Dating and Relationships,

    April Braswell
    Dating After 40 Expert

  8. Eva Palmer says:

    I am sure you can give them many uses but for me…they are so romantic!

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