Wood Arbors
Posted by on 29 Oct 2010 in Arbors & Trellises | 6 comments
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It’s been a while since we took a look at arbors, so today, we’re going to bring you a couple of wood arbors.

The first one we’ll review is called the Old Growth Again Redwood Arched Garden Arbor, and its name tells you pretty much all you need to know.

That is, it’s made from redwoods, and the wood comes from an old-growth forest (also known as ancient forest, primary forest, primeval forest, virgin forest or frontier forest).

The arbor itself is 102 inches tall, 48 inches wide, and 64.5 inches long, and it weighs a substantial 250 lbs.

(Note that the bench is not included with the arbor.)

Of course, this is a self-assembly job, but the five-page illustrated assembly manual looks to be very thorough and easy to follow.

Now, this arbor is obviously designed so that you can let your favourite plants climb all over it, and if you don’t already have something in mind, then we highly recommend you check out our Climbing Plants article, as there are over 30 ideas for you there, from colourful Bougainvilleas and Clematis, to more subdued ivies, as well as many other flowers and plants.

The second arbor we’ll look at is called the Uwharrie Companion Arbor 5050:

Uwharrie Companion Arbor Uwharrie Companion Arbor

These arbors and chairs are hand-crafted from thick, kiln-dried pressure treated Southern Yellow Pine, which is an American renewable resource from the Uwharrie (which is pronounced you-WAH-ree) mountains and national forest, in North Carolina.

The distressed finish treatment provides an antique, weathered appearance, although it may also be stained or painted, and these Uwharrie chairs are also insect and rot resistant.

Uwharrie Companion Arbor - Available ColoursThere are four colours available:

This arbor measures 64 inches square, and it’s 90 inches tall.

So, which of the two arbors do we prefer?

Well, both of them have their merits.

On the one hand, who can resist a chair to swing on, which is, for us, the main attraction of the Uwharrie Arbor?

On the other hand, just picture the Redwood Arched Garden Arbor once the trelliswork is ablaze with colour from plants such as Bougainvillea San Diego Red or Climbing Clematis. Doesn’t that make a very attractive image?

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6 Responses to ““Wood Arbors”

  1. Jaiden says:

    Very cool, I am glad you told me these were called arbors because before I just called them a door thingy in the garden. I really like these, especially the one with the swing.

  2. Violet Elliot says:

    These arbors are very nice, I wouldn’t mind having one in my yard. Even better would be to have a family picture taken under one. I will have to look into see how I can go about building one of these.

  3. Hi Rae and Mark,

    The wood arbor looks very graceful and inviting for romance, especially with the bench or swing. 5 stars from me!

    Happy Dating and Relationships,

    April Braswell
    Dating After 40 Expert

  4. Dennis Perry says:

    Looks like another nice structure. It also looks like you might have to fight the dog to get a seat on the Uwharrie!

    Dennis Perry
    Create and Live the Life of Your Dreams

  5. Eva Palmer says:

    Very nice arbors! I love the idea of plants and flowers climbing on it!

  6. bryan says:

    Great pictures of the arbors…it looks like they add a lot to a home’s back yard.

    Sales Success Expert

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